Sophos Expands Network Security with New UTMs

Security solutions provider Sophos introduced today two additions to its network security offerings, Sophos UTM 525 and 625, and the new Sophos RED 50, two unified threat management (UTM) appliances, offering centrally managed UTM for medium-sized branch offices. Along with these updates, Sophos extended UTM, Next Generation Firewall, and branch office security to the enterprise. What do these updates mean for managed services providers (MSPs)? Sophos Vice President of Product Managment Chris Kraft explains.

Sophos included performance and flexibility enhancements in its new enterprise appliances to accommodate the needs of larger organizations. Through these new appliances, organizations can see a 300 percent increase in firewall throughput speeds to 40 Gbps, as well as the option of field-replaceable LAN (local access network) modules, according to the company. With increased speed, organizations can configure the Sophos UTM devices and Next Generation Firewall features to scale their deployments for use in any size organization.

The company also released a larger RED model to improve upon its branch office security technology. The Sophos RED 50 appliance has throughput speeds of more than 300 Mbps, ten-times faster than RED 10 devices, which can be ideal for organizations that need to send larger files, run daily data backups, or protect large branch office networks. In addition to the larger model, Sophos RED 50 also comes with a 4-port gigabit switch and two gigabit wide area network interfaces, providing the ability to connect to two Internet connections at once.

How do these updates assist MSPs?
MSPs, along with their clients, try to minimize (or avoid) downtime at all costs. Dispatching a technician to a customer location for a problem with a device wastes time, money, and resources. Prevention and reliability is what MSPs can expect from Sophos, according to  Kraft. "For MSPs platform stability and reliability are critical because these organizations end up servicing installations for their customers. The more often a device stops working or needs maintenance the more time the MSP must spend at the customer site," Kraft said.

The centrally managed UTM environment broadens potential clientele for MSPs, Kraft explained. "A single box environment, like the one offered through our improved UTM appliances and the RED 50 devices, enables MSPs to reach a larger profile organization at a competitive price point without sacrificing performance or reliability."

The company recently expanded support for its mobile device management solution, Mobile Control 3.0 to Android devices. Sophos Mobile Control 3.0, offers both on-premise and as-a-service, includes support for Samsung SAFE devices and also provides integration with Sophos Mobile Security 2.0, protecting Android smartphones and tablets from malicious apps.

Sophos is headquarted in Boston and in Oxford in the UK, and has more than 100 million users in 150 countries. To learn more about Sophos or the company's partner programs, visit the company website.

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