Job Title: Gavin Miller is VP of Marketing, Solutions and Sales Acceleration at Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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The Top Five Benefits of Integrated Application Systems for Big Data and Analytics

Integrated application systems are infrastructure systems pre-integrated with databases, applications software or both, providing appliance-like functionality for Big Data solutions, analytic platforms or similar demands. For ISVs, there are five key reasons to consider delivering your Big Data/analytics solutions in the form of integrated applications systems—benefits that can make the difference between market-moving success and […]

Five Use Cases of Big Data

Meeting after meeting, business owners and CIOs are saying they don’t think they can deliver the right information at the right time, yet many still consider Big Data solutions to be cost-prohibitive or simply not applicable to their businesses.

Getting in on the Increasing IT Services Spend

More than 30 percent of the growth in IT spend is in the services arena, which IDC predicts will present $295 billion in the United States alone in 2013. To capitalize on this fast-growing market, resellers who formerly made their bread and butter from hardware and/or software sales are feeling pressure to add services to […]

Looking for That Competitive Edge? Try Specializing

For a traumatic knee injury, you’d see an orthopedist. When your car breaks down, you go to an automotive specialist. This same logic applies to technology. Yet, every day, customers are sold “soluti