HP vs Oracle: Recapping the Shot Hurd 'Round the World

I have a theory: Technology companies always work on big mergers or executive moves during three-day holiday weekends in the U.S. That theory held true during Labor Day Weekend when former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd joined Oracle as co-president, triggering a war of words between Oracle and Hewlett-Packard. If you missed the daily blow-by-blow, here's a single blog with all the key headlines to help you keep score...

1. September 6: Oracle fires the first shot by hiring Mark Hurd.
2. Early September 7: HP sues Hurd to block him from joining Oracle, but many legal experts say HP won't likely win the suit.
3. Late September 7: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison threatens to end the Oracle-HP relationship.
4. That same day: Channel hype about Hurd joining Oracle starts. But just how channel-friendly is Hurd?
5. September 8: HP finds itself under attack on four fronts.
6. September 8: HP Executive VP Ann Livermore still confirmed to speak at Oracle OpenWorld.
7. September 9: Despite distractions, HP makes good on SMB promises
8. September 9: Mark Hurd confirmed to keynote Oracle OpenWorld
10. September 10: Instead of hyping Hurd joining HP, here's a look at 5 key questions facing Oracle's executive suite.

Of course, the story isn't over. HP's lawsuit vs. Hurd still needs to be resolved. And the Oracle OpenWorld keynotes should be filled with plenty of drama, especially since HP's Ann Livermore will be in the house...

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