How to Ensure Your Channel Program Operates at Peak Efficiency

Vendors need to make relationships with channel partners as easy and profitable as possible, and grow together.

Michael Tarbet, Global VP of Channel, MSPs and GSIs

April 19, 2024

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Efficient channel programs

It's a tricky time to be selling in the tech world, and vendors and resellers are both facing daunting limitations. That's why it's more important than ever that tech companies and the partners that sell on their behalf focus on ways they can grow together and help each other do more, potentially with less.

IT teams are shrinking, with 21% of companies (registration required) reporting a reduction in headcount, and budgets are getting slashed to match economic conditions and constraints. In 2024 and beyond, executives must prioritize investments in their business units that bring more resources to resellers and partners to help them operate more efficiently.

Operational Efficiency the Goal

Based on discussions with our network, operational efficiency is the No. 1 priority for channel partners, whose reselling contributes a significant portion of LogicMonitor's total revenue. To make your partners' lives easier, here's how you can help them simplify processes and remove friction.

  • Show them the money: The nature of a partnership between a vendor and a reseller is apparent: for one to help the other make more money. To be a good partner, channel leaders at software companies need to make it simple for their partners to see how vendors are helping them put more money in the bank. Put key information on performance in one accessible place so partners can view how they're tracking toward KPIs at any time. Bonus points for automating it so your internal team can work smarter, not harder.

The plus for your organization? Having this information at the ready internally allows your team to determine who the highest-performing partners are on your roster and provide white-glove service accordingly.

  • Providing marketing materials helps partners and helps you: Competition for software sales is intense. Be a good partner to your resellers by making marketing your software as easy as humanly possible. Create plug-and-play marketing collateral that 1) makes your partner stand out from the pack, and 2) makes your company indispensable.

Think big about the kinds of materials your partner can use: there are obvious, co-branded kinds of collateral such as graphics for social media, copy for social posts, etc. But think about everywhere your partner shows up: online (banner ads, videos, email signatures), educational material (white papers, one-pagers, research), and via their marketing strategy (SEO direction, email marketing templates, thought leadership, etc.). The opportunity here is limitless, and partners are endlessly appreciative.

I've seen this work shockingly well firsthand. My team once collaborated with a reseller on a webinar to cross-promote both our hybrid observability software and the partner's expertise in implementing transformative IT solutions. From that effort alone, we generated more than 100 quality new leads. This ticked a lot of boxes for us: new leads, expanded brand awareness and education for current customers on our scope of services.

  • Open channels of communication (no pun intended): Give your partners access to not only the resources they need, but to you. A single point of contact simplifies the hoops partners need to jump through to get answers to pressing questions. Make it clear how they can reach you, too — is it through a partner portal? Is there an alias that reaches your team as quickly as possible for something that may be urgent? Who can they expect to hear from, and when? Make sure this communication is lightning fast, and that your team is never the roadblock for a reseller trying to get your product into the hands of more buyers.

I saw this play out in real-time recently, and my team's timely communication saved the day for us and our partner. A reseller of ours was working with a major health care company, and toward the end of a long sales cycle, the deal started to fall apart due to budget issues. Our partner's only course of action was to leverage the potential customer's current marketplace, which our partner didn't have access to — but LogicMonitor did. We quickly acted to get them set up in this marketplace so they could save the deal. The moral of the story? Be available and quick to act when it comes to client communication and reap the benefits.

Bonus: automate a lot of what partners need from you; it goes a long way toward making everyone's job easier.

Eliminate Roadblocks

In short, it's on vendors to make relationships with channel partners as easy and profitable as possible. From my perspective, it's the easiest path to success for both parties.

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Michael Tarbet

Global VP of Channel, MSPs and GSIs, LogicMonitor

Michael Tarbet is global vice president for channel, managed service providers and GSI for LogicMonitor. His 25 years of sales and leadership experience include stints with Oracle and other technology companies. He earned a business administration and finance degree from the University of North Texas.

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