ClikCloud Online Marketing for MSPs Launching in November

ClikCloud Online Marketing for MSPs Launching in November

ClikCloud, a digital marketing company launched by former Kaseya VP and GM Dan Shapero, is set to publicly launch its first offerings for managed services providers in November. MSPs from a range of background are already testing ClikCloud's services, Shapero confirmed today.

Shapero says the idea for ClikCloud dates back to 2006 and his start at Kaseya. From Day One at that company, Shapero always heard from MSPs that were seeking some sort of marketing assistance. When Shapero decided to leave Kaseya in mid-2011, he did some informal research and found that roughly one in five MSPs lacks a website -- their domains are simply parked. As he surfed existing MSP websites, he noticed numerous opportunities to improve the sites' SEO (search engine optimization), calls to action, and more.

But here's the challenge, at least from where MSPmentor sits: Many MSPs, in my view, are notoriously bad at (1) marketing and (2) marketing follow-up. So even if ClikCloud offers great marketing and SEO services to the MSPs, the MSPs themselves have got to raise their game and really be responsible for the marketing and sales lead followup.

Shapero has found a potential solution to those challenges. Instead of chasing every MSP on the planet, it sounds like ClikCloud will potentially built relationships with organizations that already attract marketing-focused MSPs. Those organizations and industry influencers can potentially include Robin Robins, Gary Pica's TruMethods and MSP University.

"We don't want to displace existing, community-building and educational organizations," said Shapero. "We want to augment them."

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Already, ClikCloud has started pilot programs with MSPs earlier this months. The  MSPs "come from all walks of life," said Shapero. In addition to helping MSPs to overhaul their websites, Shapero will provide email marketing, blogging and other services to MSPs. "It has to be quality content on a monthly basis," he said.

One nice side benefit: Shapero is hoping he can create some jobs. "I'm excited to be running my own show," he said. And yes, "I want to create some jobs. It's a tough economy out there. When you create some efficiencies you can also create opportunities for people."

Yes, MSPmentor has always rooted for entrepreneurs -- especially those who create jobs. Shapero helped Kaseya to build one of the strongest brands in the managed services market. In fact, he helped to define the managed services market. But can he help MSPs to gain a magic touch with marketing, SEO, and more?

Several organizations -- Kutenda,Ulistic, Ingram Micro and MSP University in some areas -- also strive to address marketing challenges for MSP in various ways. Next up, it sounds like we'll all get our first look at ClikCloud in November.
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