Industry Organizations

Channel Partners is proud to back these industry organizations that are supporting the growth and diversity of the telecom and IT indirect channels.

Allies of the Channel Council logoAllies of the Channel Council

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. — Maya Angelou

The Allies of the Channel Council (#ACCouncil) is a coalition of diverse voices from the channel that are committed to taking a stand on Black Lives Matter and human rights, opposing systemic discrimination and promoting diversity and inclusion within our industry and beyond. It is made up of channel professionals of a range of colors and ethnicities to give us a diverse collection of voices to help inform our efforts.

“Taking a stand” doesn’t mean being confrontational, accusatory or condemning. It means making a commitment to education, awareness and open communication. To working for diversity and inclusivity, starting in the channel. To do the best we can as we work toward doing better.

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Alliance of Channel Women

Alliance of Channel Women logpEstablished in 2010, Alliance of Channel Women is a not-for-profit organization of women who are in leadership, ownership and revenue-generating roles in the indirect sales channel of the telecom and IT industry. Alliance of Channel Women brings members together to empower and advance women’s careers and leadership roles in the technology channel by providing education, community, advocacy and opportunities for personal growth.

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Cloud Girls

Cloud Girls logoCloud Girls is a next-gen technology think tank. Founded in 2011, Cloud Girls is vendor-neutral, not-for-profit community of female technology advocates dedicated to educating themselves, their organizations and customers, and the marketplace about the vast and dynamic cloud ecosystem. By exploring emerging markets and technical trends, advocating best practices and building community, Cloud Girls is fostering female thought leaders in next-gen technology. To find an expert, blogger or speaker, please click here.