How to Successfully Manage Large Numbers of Technology Products and a Growing Customer Base

An ecosystem orchestration platform (EOP) helps maximize business efficiency in a world of limited resources.

May 3, 2024

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Through an EOP, you can discover and build solutions and learn about offerings that you may not have been able to provide customers in the past.
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Tremendous speed and flexibility are essential ingredients for pursuing new business opportunities. To enable that kind of agility, IT solution and service providers with knowledge of both technology and business play a pivotal role.

But these IT providers often face the overwhelming complexity of working with large numbers of vendors and customers. Key to success is a platform that allows you to manage all customers and vendors in one place.

There’s a long list of challenges your end customers might be facing right now. IDC does a global customer survey every few months, and they recently shared some of the current economic concerns for customers:

  • Inflation

  • Ongoing recession concerns

  • Supply chain shortages

  • Skills shortages

At a macro level, IDC thinks customers are straddling the economic issues versus the promise of technology gains — in particular, the GenAI wave and the promise of how GenAI can help their businesses. In this recent webcast, they dive into more opportunities and challenges in the current landscape.

How can you help your customers navigate the complexity of options and speed of innovation to address these challenges? You must play the role of a trusted advisor, guiding customers through the complexities and helping them define a technology roadmap to support their business. But before you can be a trusted advisor to your customers, you need to be well-versed yourself.

Through talent shortages during the last few years, it’s clear that enablement and education are key challenges for IT providers. It’s hard to find qualified people and keep employee skill sets current with the evolving market. There are new technology products and solutions emerging every day, and that’s a lot for you to stay informed on. It’s also hard to know which technology solutions work well together and which are best for each customer’s environment. 

Managing end customers’ subscriptions can also get incredibly complicated. Recurring and consumption-based models vary from vendor to vendor and product to product which makes it tedious and difficult to track and manage.

Simply hiring more people isn’t always the answer. That’s where an ecosystem orchestration platform (EOP) can help, expanding your choices and resources. For example, through an EOP, you can discover and build solutions and learn about offerings that you may not have been able to provide customers in the past.

Wherever you are in navigating this landscape, Arrow wants to meet you there and create the best outcomes for your business. Learn how we can help supercharge your growth and amplify what’s possible when business and technology intersect in this webcast.

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