Webcast: Join Me July 15

If you're striving to better understand hosted security solutions -- recurring revenue models, sales strategies and technology considerations -- then join me on July 15. That's when our sister site will host The VAR Guy: Live webcast. Here's some quick information about the webcast.

During this webcast we’ll discuss:

1. Business: Revenue models and potential profit margins from hosted security
2. Technology: How to select a hosted security solution
3. Sales: How to sell your first customer and address their questions head-on
4. Retention: How to maintain and grow a hosted security business
5. Case study: Yes, a real VAR describing his hosted security strategy

Trend Micro, our webcast sponsor, will be on hand to answer dozens of questions as well. If you have questions ahead of the webcast, please email me (joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc.com).

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