Webcast: Can MSPs Really (Truly) Partner With One Another?

Our next MSPmentor Live webcast is Wednesday, April 13. The topic: Maximizing Partnerships to Build a Better Business. We'll explore how MSPs are working with one another, peer groups and associations to unlock new revenue opportunities. We'll answer attendee questions throughout the webcast. Here's a look at our guest speakers and some more background on the event...

... which will cover:

  • Overview: As the technology playing field becomes even more tricky to navigate, smart MSPs have found their paths to success lie in partnerships and collaboration. Join us as two successful MSPs discuss how employing a partnering model has transformed -- and advanced -- their business. We'll also touch on the power of peer groups and associations.
  • MSP Speaker 1: Cindy Heimbecker, managed services practice lead, UNIS LUMIN
  • MSP Speaker 2: Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion Networking Corp.
  • Speaker 3: Todd McKendrick, director of business development and Nimsoft Placement Center (Nimsoft is the event's sponsor)
  • Moderator: Joe Panettieri, editorial director, MSPmentor and Nine Lives Media Inc.
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MSPmentor looks forward to your questions during the webcast.
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