Two Surprises on MSPmentor Live Webcast

Our first MSPmentor Live webcast of 2010 is scheduled for January 20. Here's a look at the topic, our guest speakers and two surprises (hint: they involve Amazon's Kindle) we have in store for the webcast.

The Topic: The event will emphasize a “top-down” approach to business success. We’ll cover three key topic areas:

  1. Aligning managed services to improve your customers’ business (translation: pushing beyond the IT benefits of managed services).
  2. Proving your worth to your customers (through customer portals, dashboards and other visual techniques).
  3. Unified Monitoring (the move to a single dashboard for monitoring all on-premise and cloud systems).
Guest Speakers:
  • Jason Caras, CEO, IT Authorities, based in Southern Florida
  • Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion Networking Corporation, based in Rhode Island
  • Oli Thordarson, CEO, Alvaka Networks, based in Southern California
  • Phil LaForge, VP and GM, Service Providers, Nimsoft (the event’s sponsor)
Two Surprises: Nimsoft is giving away two Amazon Kindle ebook readers during the event. But you have to be registered and present to win. Also, Nine Lives Media Inc. will give the Kindle winners annual subscriptions to the MSPmentor and The VAR Guy blogs for the Kindle.

I look forward to moderating your questions — and getting you the answers you need — throughout the webcast. Please register now and mark your calendars for this upcoming event, January 20, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. eastern.
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