N-able Partner Summit 2008: Eight Trends From Opening Keynote

N-able Partner Summit 2008: Eight Trends From Opening Keynote

N-able CEO Gavin GarbuttDuring the opening session at N-able Partner Summit 2008, VP of Sales Mike Cullen and CEO Gavin Garbutt (pictured) described several key managed services trends and company milestones. Here’s a quick eight-point recap of this morning's opening session.

1. The Economy: Nearly 400 partners and MSPs are at the event. Cullen noted that the turnout proves MSPs are holding up better than many other types of organizations during the economic storm. “It’s a full house here,” quipped Garbutt. “And I’m happy to see that.”

2. Global Expansion
: N-able has opened offices in London and Sydney, Australia. Cullen says N-able now generates 25 percent of its revenue from outside North America.

This is a growing theme across the MSP industry, as many software companies have focused on Europe and Australia business development since at least early 2008. Partners from New Zealand, Australia and The Netherlands are attending the N-able conference.

3. Elite Service Providers: N-able launched an advisory council featuring roughly 50 of its top managed service providers. Here are some quick details about the council.

4. The 90 Percent Rule
: MSPs need to deliver 90 percent of support remotely through a service desk in order to minimize their own on-site support costs.

5. Change Creates Opportunity: The housing market, the credit crunch and the stock market can make people feel pain because of the uncertainty around us, noted Garbutt. However, the market conditions right now are creating a fantastic opportunity for MSPs to provide vision to their customers, said Garbutt.

6. The First Rule of Business: You need knowledge acquisition to really know your customer. Understand your customer, their pain, their goals and expansion plans to win their trust and ongoing business, said Garbutt.

7. It’s A Land Grab: Only 10 million seats, or 7 percent of small business seats in North America, are under managed services contracts.

8. Don’t Become A Commodity: Garbutt said hardware as a service,  business continuity, virtualization, and IT as a Service are four ways for VARs to help stay ahead of the commoditization curve.

Check out MSPmentor's own Managed Service Hype Cycle for more thoughts on avoiding market commoditization.

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