Managed Services Events: How to Dominate the Spotlight

A few hundred people will likely pack their bags and head to Atlanta, where a managed services conference kicks off March 31. Some companies "wait" to announce news at events like this. But progressive MSP participants like Waypoint Solutions Group are creating marketing buzz before attendees even arrive for the opening keynote.

Here's how.

Dan Wilson, president of Waypoint, pulled together a quick press release previewing his participation at the event. Based in Charlotte, N.C., Waypoint is one of our MSPmentor 100 companies.

Now, here's why all MSPs should care about Waypoint: In a classic example of Web 2.0 viral marketing, Waypoint's release was picked up by Charlotte's dBusiness News. Google and other search engines quickly indexed the release. And presto: Waypoint has moved into the MSP spotlight before Wilson even steps onto the event stage -- and before other vendors create their own noise about the event.

During the conference, Wilson plans to share best practices for choosing managed services vendors. I hope to catch up with Wilson and several other guest speakers in the days ahead.

If you're interested in the Atlanta conference, it's hosted by the MSP Alliance, the International Association of Managed Service Providers. You can find details here.

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