Join the Conversation June 10

Our next MSPmentor Live webcast, scheduled for June 10, focuses on Hardware at Your Service. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a managed service provider and their end-customer during the same conversation. We’ll welcome your questions throughout the webcast. Here's what we plan to cover:

Our guest speakers include...

  • The MSP View: Dan Stanford, CEO/Owner, Frontpoint
  • The Customer View: Alan Lakomski, COO, Global Medical Staffing
  • Plus, managed services perspectives from Dell's Peter Klanian and Intel's Matt Semenza
Topics we'll cover...
  1. How did Frontpoint establish a managed services relationship with Global Medical?
  2. What are Global Medical's business priorities, and how is Frontpoint addressing those priorities with managed IT services?
  3. How does Frontpoint remotely manage Global Medical's PCs and network today, and how will that change in the future?
  4. The integration hooks between Dell’s managed services solutions and Intel’s vPro technology: How do Frontpoint and Global Medical benefit?
  5. Plus, we'll cover your questions throughout the webcast.
Register now or visit the event page for more information about the agenda and webcast, which is sponsored by Dell and Intel. During the event, we’ll welcome your questions for our four guest speakers.

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