How to Market Yourself as a Managed Services Expert

How to Market Yourself as a Managed Services Expert

managed services expertWhen I picked up my local newspaper this morning, I noticed an article titled "How to Market Yourself As An Expert." The opinion piece included nine tips. And the tips certainly apply to multiple markets -- including managed services. Here's a look.

Here are the tips...

  1. Teach a class/host a webinar
  2. Write a special report/white paper
  3. Write a column
  4. Write and article
  5. Get third-party endorsements
  6. Write an e-zine or newsletter
  7. Write a book
  8. Participate in social media
  9. Get speaking gigs
Sure, that's a very basic list. But here's the key question: How are your writing and communication skills? Every tip, it seems, depends heavily on your ability to (A) write and/or (B) engage an audience.

The only way to become an effective writer and communicator is to practice. A lot. But is it possible to practice in public? Absolutely.

Start Slowly - Blogging and Social Media

There's a natural temptation to start a blog and tell the world how smart you are. Stop. Slow down. First, you need to decide who in your company is going to hold the megaphone. Then, you need to make sure each message your company delivers is clear, concise and compelling.

As I often recommend -- start a private journal in Microsoft Word. Update it once a week for two months. Then, re-read the journal. And share it with your team.
  • Are the eight entries compelling?
  • Are they good enough to form the basis for eight separate blog entries?
  • Can you keep the momentum going with one weekly blog entry through the rest of this year?

Stepping Onto a Stage

Conferences are another great way to put your face front-and-center in this industry. But once again think carefully before committing time and money to public speaking.
  • Can you deliver a compelling message without relying on PowerPoint?
  • Can you share real-world case studies and examples?
  • Can you communicate your expertise and share some knowledge without your presentation looking and sounding like a product sales pitch?
  • What audience do you want to reach -- industry peers, potential end-customers, or both?
Again, start slowly. Perhaps start with four panel speaker engagements (one per quarter). Just be sure to ask around and determine who else will be on the panel. Conference content varies greatly from one event to the next. You want to make sure you're hanging out with the right crowd and grabbing the right spotlight.

Regardless of the format make sure there are three or four key "takeaway points" that you're going to drive home during the session. Keep the message simple. Be concise. You want people to remember you for all the right reasons.
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