Eating Crow, And Serving Up Facebook

Eating Crow, And Serving Up Facebook

mspmentor-facebookI have a love-hate relationship with Facebook: I love to hate it. Frankly, I don't have much time for Facebook. A few weeks ago, I told MSPmentor readers that I considered Facebook my social network for friendships, and LinkedIn my social network for business. But I'm starting to change my tune -- at least a little.

After much debate, I finally set up an MSPmentor group on Facebook. Will I live in that group? I doubt it. But will I send updates from to the Facebook group to ensure readers are plugged into our content? Absolutely.

Why am I changing my tune? Cisco Systems' channel team gave us a healthy reminder today that I can't force my preferred communication methods on readers.

Instead, I have to pump MSPmentor through readers' preferred communication pipelines. Our current MSPmentor pipelines (RSS, Twitter, newsletters, etc.) have healthy followings. Now, I'm eating crow and adding an MSPmentor Facebook Group to the mix.

As the old Burger King jingle goes, "Have It Your Way."

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