Webcast Today: Compensation Plans for SaaS & Cloud Sales

Webcast Today: Compensation Plans for SaaS & Cloud Sales

The big question: How do you develop a SaaS compensation plan for your sales team? The simple answer: Steal a few ideas from MJ Shoer, a solutions provider who's willing to share his company's SaaS and cloud compensation strategy. Shoer and other experts are set to speak during The VAR Guy Live webcast today (Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 2:00 p.m. eastern). Here are the details.

During today's webcast we'll cover:

  • Topic: Compensation and Bonus Models for Your SaaS & Cloud Sales Team
  • Guest Speaker 1: MJ Shoer, president, Jenaly Technology Group, describing his company bonus model
  • Guest Speaker 2: Brian Zimmerman, principal at OpenView Venture Partners. Brian has helped a range of technology companies to build their sales programs.
  • Guest Speaker 3: Ted Roller, channel chief, Intronis, the online backup specialist (and event sponsor)
  • Moderator: Maybe me... but maybe The VAR Guy...
  • Join Us: Registration is simple for The VAR Guy Live webcast
We look forward to your questions during today's webcast, and thank you for your continued engagement across The VAR Guy and MSPmentor.

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