Top 100 Managed Service Providers: Setting Expectations

Before we unveil the MSPmentor 100 during a Webcast on February 11, I wanted to set your expectations: The report is more comprehensive this year -- covering new topics like Master MSPs. However, quite a few managed service providers that appeared on last year's list are not on the new list (2008-2009). Here's why we saw such dramatic changes...

For starters, we received nearly twice as many completed surveys for this year's list compared to last year's list. Plus, the entries were stronger across the board. So, it was roughly four times more difficult to quality for this year's list (twice the competition X twice the typical company strength).

Sorting the Data

In order to build this year's list and research report we took the following steps...
  • The initial cut: Of the nearly 1,000 survey responses we received, 423 of them identified companies that generate at least $200,000 from annual managed services revenue. We used those 423 companies as our first cut.
  • Second cut: Next, we sorted companies using the following metrics:
    • Annual managed services revenue
    • Annual managed services revenue growth (dollar amount)
    • Annual managed services revenue growth (percentage amount)
    • Percentage of company revenue from managed services
    • Number of customer devices managed
    • Annual growth (actual number) -- number of customer devices managed
    • Annual growth (percentage figure) -- number of customer devices managed

Open to All

Our approach ensures the MSPmentor 100 list rewards small companies for fast growth and large companies for overall dollars generated. But our approach also triggers lots of leapfrogging on the list each year. After all, small MSPs can't generate triple- or quadruple-figure percentage growth indefinitely.

Thanks again for to everyone who participated in the MSPmentor 100 survey. We look forward to sharing the results on February 11. And if you can't attend the Webcast, you can visit our MSPmentor 100 center on Feb. 12 to view the entire report.

Note: If you participated in the MSPmentor 100 survey but your company doesn't land on the final list, you can still check in with me (joe [at] to see where your company was ultimately ranked.

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