Three Facebook Customer Relationship Tips for Beginners

Facebook CRM or customer relationship management begins and ends with engagement. Facebook pages are not only used to promote a brand's objectives, but to also provide an open communication between the brand and its customers. Facebook and other social media platforms has helped brand owners pursue with CRM initiatives. How can your company take advantage of the customer relationship management goodness that comes with a properly planned and executed Facebook strategy?

MSPmentor has outlined the following tips to lead your brand to CRM success on Facebook:

  • Be Responsive -- Nothing is worse than visiting a Facebook page that contains questions, with no answers from the brand. If you're not going to communicate with your customers, don't take the time to create a Facebook page. Effective Facebook pages promote less and listen more.
  • Be Timely -- Responding to a message or a comment a week later is not acceptable. We live in a world that expects communication to be instant. Although your brand may not be able to respond right away, it's important that your brand responds with a limited time frame.
  • Communicate On Facebook -- Your customer chooses the form of communication, not you. If your customer communicates via Facebook, respond on Facebook. Do not ask your customer to call you or switch over to another platform. If an issue does need to be taken off of Facebook, be sure its your last resort.
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