Say Hello to Managed Services Videos (Of You)

managed services videoManaged service providers often ask me what types of Web 2.0 technologies -- if any -- to embed into their Websites. If you read MSPmentor regularly, you know I praise MasterIT (an MSP in Bartlett, Tenn.) for their use of viral video. But earlier this week I stumbled onto Jenaly Technology Group's redesigned Website. A quick look at both sites offers peer MSPs some practical guidance for Web 2.0 and video success.

Let's start with MasterIT. As I've pointed out, the company has mastered the art of appearing in vendor-produced videos. Those videos go viral on YouTube, and CEO J. Michael Drake leverages the video on MasterIT's own corporate site.

Lesson Learned: Before you spend a dime on corporate video, see if your IT vendors will produce the videos for you -- at their expense. Then, go viral with the videos using tools like YouTube (obvious) and VodPod (less obvious but a favorite of mine).

Balancing Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

Now, let's jump to Jenaly Technology Group. The Portsmouth, N.H., managed service provider blends traditional Web 1.0 pages with some nice Web 2.0 wrinkles. Let me repeat that: There's nothing wrong with having static, basic Web 1.0 pages on your site. They load fast and they're easy to navigate. Just be sure to give readers what they want: clear company contact information and real examples of your success in the market.

Now, for Jenaly's Web 2.0 components. Company President MJ Shoer writes a timely, engaging blog that contains his personal views rather than product and vendor hype. That last sentence is important. Nearly 40 MSPs that participated in our MSPmentor 100 survey now produce their own blogs. When MSPmentor took a look at those blogs, we found that only about five of them actually offered timely, relevant, engaging content.

Next, Jenaly's solutions page includes a video with MJ Shoer. It's a down-to-earth conversation that gives potential customers a look at the company -- and the president behind the company. Take a look:

The Bottom Line

We've reached a point where Web 2.0 technologies -- blogs, videos, and other widgets -- are no longer leading edge. They are now basic mass media solutions. They're low-cost (and often free). And they're easy to implement.

But remember this: Launching a blog or video section on your site is the easy part. Keeping it updated with compelling content is the real trick.

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