LabTech Launches Managed Services Conference

LabTech Software is launching an Automation Nation conference for managed services providers and IT service companies. It's an intriguing move, especially when you take a closer look at the event's date and location. Here are the details.

LabTech specializes in remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. As you may recall, ConnectWise Capital invested in LabTech in early 2010. The move seems to have given LabTech a lift; MSPmentor has heard from multiple MSPs that either tested or deployed LabTech following the ConnectWise Capital investment.

And several MSPs suggest Kaseya introduced the so-called G1 platform as a pricing and product response to LabTech's aggressively priced platform. However, Kaseya has publicly stated that G1 was designed for MSPs that don't require a full-blown K2 platform (K2 is Kaseya's modern, extendable platform).

New Conference

Next up, LabTech says it will host its first Automation Nation conference November 4 in Orlando, Florida. The conference will allow LabTech users to learn from one another while also sharing feedback with LabTech. At the same time, LabTech is expected to share its product roadmap at the event.

Now, take a closer look at that date and location. LabTech essentially plans to piggyback the ConnectWise IT Nation conference, which runs Nov. 4-6 at the same Orlando location. ConnectWise IT Nation is expected to attract roughly 1,000 attendees.

So who are the winners here? Existing and potential LabTech customers gain the opportunity to potentially double-dip, learning more about LabTech while potentially seeing the broader managed services market in action at the ConnectWise IT Nation conference. Also, ConnectWise customers can arrive a bit early to Orlando if they want to learn more about LabTech.

Meanwhile, ConnectWise will need to maintain a software partner balancing act, especially as third-party RMM partners attend the ConnectWise IT Nation conference.

Officially, LabTech Automation Nation is an independent event that's not associated with ConnectWise IT Nation. Plus, ConnectWise has vowed to keep its APIs open, continuing to integrate with multiple RMM platforms.

But the growing synergies between LabTech and ConnectWise are undeniable.

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