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Join MSPmentor In New York City on October 25

As the lines between managed services and cloud services blur, plenty of MSPs are trying to decide whether to build cloud services from scratch or to partner up with established cloud services providers. If you're facing that inflection point, I invite you to join MSPmentor for an executive roundtable in New York City on Tuesday, October 25. Here's the background.

First, let me tell you a bit about the event, which runs  8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on October 25 in Manhattan. Then, I'll describe the continued evolution of our own business.

Listen, Interact, Learn

So, what can you expect during the MSPmentor executive roundtable? Here's some guidance:

1. The Big Picture: I'll describe what I'm hearing from MSPmentor's readership. Why did certain well-known MSPs build their cloud services from scratch? And how did others find good partners? I'll open the executive rountable with real anecdotes from real MSPmentor 100 companies.

2. Real Learnings: MSPs that offer cloud services will describe their respective business strategies. Our guest experts will include:
  • Mark Ortenzi, CEO, ScaleMatrix: Ortenzi will describe how and why ScaleMatrix pushed beyond data center services to cloud services.
  • Jonathan Freeman, CIO, Mycroft: Freeman will explain how Mycroft has pushed beyond security services to cloud-based managed services.
  • Adam Famularo, general manager, CA Technologies' Cloud Strategies and Solutions: Famularo will share additional insights from CA's channel partner base -- common challenges and key questions you'll need to address during your cloud services journey.
3. Real Conversation: The executive roundtable will be light on PowerPoint and heavy on conversation. You can ask questions throughout the conversation. And you can learn from MSPs who can help you to avoid some of the early cloud challenges they experienced.

4. Fast Pacing: I'll moderate and make sure the conversation stays on track throughout the executive roundtable, which runs 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on October 25 in New York City.

Looking Back, Moving Ahead

If you've seen me on the road at channel partner conferences, you know I enjoy high-energy conversations. In a previous career, I moderated about 125 to 150 CIO roundtables and IT conferences each year. I hope our team recreates that approach in the IT channel going forward.

The MSPmentor executive roundtable, sponsored by CA Technologies, marks one of the first strategic moves we've made since Penton Media acquired Nine Lives Media and our online communities (MSPmentor, The VAR Guy, Talkin' Cloud) in August 2011. The executive roundtable will have extremely limited seating because it will be hosted in a real boardroom. If you'd like to potentially join us you'll find registration information here.

Does this mean I'll be on the road every week moderating roundtables? Nope. But it does mean we're looking at a range of ways to deepen our engagement with you, our readers.

Recent weeks have been pretty intense for the Nine Lives Media team. On the one hand, we're all working hard to build integrations between Penton Media and Nine Lives Media. On the other hand, we're striving to maintain the type of community engagement that makes our web sites unique in the IT channel.

Thanks for all of your help maintaining the dialog across our sites.

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