European Partners 51 (EP 51) Awards

EP 51 logoWelcome to the EP 51 Awards 2019!

The European Partners (EP 51) Awards are a new awards programme committed to honouring the best in ICT excellence. The EP 51 is open to European partners of any stripe, including VARs, systems integrators, ICT service providers, telecom agents and technology consults — any company that sells, manages and integrates digital solutions on behalf of end customers. EP 51 award winners will be chosen based on size, sales growth, ingenuity and other factors.

In addition, five special awards will honour standout companies for achievements in digital innovation, executive leadership, organizational excellence, tenacity and originality. Our special awards are as follows:

  • Company of the Year Award: This award will be bestowed by Informa editors to an extraordinary company that has distinguished itself from the others in 2018 and 2019. To win, a company must demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following areas: financial growth, customer success, technological innovation, business acumen, process excellence, entrepreneurship and/or community service.
  • Executive of the Year: This award will honour the individual who has demonstrated resourcefulness, character and determination while operating in an executive capacity at an EP 51 company. To qualify, please submit an application that describes your candidate. Be sure to describe what he or she did that was extraordinary.
  • Digital Innovator of the Year Award: The award will be given to a company that demonstrates excellence in digital transformation. To qualify, please submit an application that describes your company’s technological prowess, best practises and methodologies, and/or customer dedication and intimacy.
  • Comeback Player of the Year: This award will be given to an organisation that rebounded from a setback or bout of misfortune. This award recognizes that all companies face adversity, and it’s how they respond that matters most.
  • Best Idea of the Year: This award honours an organisation that demonstrated cleverness above and beyond. If your company has implemented an innovative idea or initiative to great success, then this is your opportunity for it to be recognized.
The results are in! Click here to see the inaugural European Partners 51 winners!

All award winners will be honoured at the upcoming Channel Evolution Europe conference on 2 Dec., 2019, at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in in London. Winners also will be showcased on the Channel Futures and Channel Partners media sites, and provided free all-access passes to the event. For more information, please click here.