What Do Holidays and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

Santa Claus prepares for Christmas all year long, and so should you. If you're a managed services provider (MSP) without a marketing team, pay attention to the world around you, but also, do what Santa does: Plan for the holidays.

Add the holidays to your calendar
Have you added any holidays to your calendar? If not, start doing it right now. With a simple Google search, you can improve engagement with your customers. Not only should you add holidays to your calendar, but you should also add observances. Your calendar doesn't have to be fancy. Just fill the holidays into one of your Google calendars, and you'll be all set.

Plan for the holidays
Most of us wait for the last minute to buy Christmas gifts, but we'd be better off if we planned it all out. The same philosophy can be applied to planning for the holidays for your social media accounts. Think about doing something special.

Are you creative? Show it. Design your Facebook page for Christmas by developing your own unique theme. Add a candy cane or a Christmas hat to your logo. These ideas take time to develop, and they can't be an overnight project.

Which holidays do your customers celebrate?
Be aware of the holidays that your customers may celebrate. If they are from India, take note of Republic Day or their Independence Day, which is August 15. You're not engaging with yourself, but your customers. Know your customers and your planning will not go unnoticed.

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