StillSecure, PeakColo Partner on Cloud Managed Security

The managed security services provider StillSecure has partnered witht PeakColo, an enterprise-level cloud services provider, to offer PeakColo customers managed security services in their own cloud environments.

The partnership is big news for both PeakColo end-user business customers as well as the company's reselling partners. They will all now have access to StillSecure's Security Operations Centers, which they can use to monitor and defend themselves against network security threats on a 24x7 basis. They will also have access to StillSecure's full suite of network security services, including managed firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, log management, the company's web application firewall (WAF) solution and the StillSecure PCI Complete solution that helps businesses ensure that they are in-line with PCI compliance standards.

The PeakColo Angle

According to PeakColo CEO Luke Norris, this new partnership with StillSecure is about three things: visibility, compliance and security. All three, according to Norris, are concerns that businesses have about the cloud today that are preventing cloud environments from becoming even more popular than they already are. So the move is just as much about attracting new business customers as it about ensuring network security for current PeakColo cloud users.

StillSecure in the Cloud

There's no doubt about it: the cloud is StillSecure's main focus in 2012. This most recent partnership with PeakColo is the company's second partnership with a cloud service provider in less than two weeks. The other? a cloud managed security services partnership with Lokahi Solutions, a cloud infrastructure and hosting provider for both the enterprise and for SMBs. Look for more cloud security moves from StillSecure early and often in 2012.

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