Memo to Dell: Include Partner Messaging in Everdream Webinars

My email inbox today had a Webinar invite from Dell. The company on April 22 plans to educate corporate customers about Everdream, a remote administration and asset management tool for PCs and mobile systems.

Now for the challenge: When Dell acquired Everdream and Silverback in 2007, some managed service providers worried that the PC giant would circumvent partners and market managed services directly to corporate customers.

Memo to Dell: Here's how to eliminate such fear in your partner base.

Simply put, Dell should invite partners to participate as speakers on the Everdream webinar, and future Silverback events.

Dell has every right to sell direct, but it must also point out to corporate IT and small business owners that their are multiple ways to embrace managed services.

In some cases, it will make sense for large businesses to deal directly with Dell. In others, small and midsize organizations will prefer the hand holding and expertise of a managed service provider that delivers remote and on-site service.

During a one-hour Webinar designed for corporate customers, Dell should still carve out five minutes to describe where partners can potentially assist the managed services process. That five minutes of investment could go a long way to minimizing fear, uncertainty and doubt among Dell's partner ranks.

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