Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Feb. 10

Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Feb. 10

And that's a wrap: We've finally completed the fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 report. Complete results will be unveiled February 15. In the meantime, here are seven managed services blogs and MSP news stories for the MSPmentor team didn't have time to write for the week ending February 10, 2012.

7. Dollars and Cents: Last I heard, Doyenz -- the cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (BDR) specialist -- was considering some potential venture capital moves. The company earlier this week scored a cloud-centric relationship with Symantec, helping to protect Backup Exec customers. Hoping to deliver a big-picture update on Doyenz soon.

6. Big Event Week: Most our blogging team will be spread out across the country the week of Feb. 13, covering the HP Global Partner Summit, potentially invading VMware Partner Exchange and checking in at Parallels Summit for cloud partner developments.

5. Executive Move: Mezeo, which develops cloud storage management solutions, has named Rahul Bakshi senior VP of sales. He'll oversee enterprise, service provider and channel sales strategies.

4. Resignation Reconsidered: The VP of sales at a major MSP tendered his resignation on Monday. By Tuesday, the executive had second thoughts and humbly returned to his existing job. The reason: Venture capital at his "new" employer apparently had fallen through. True story folks.

3. Changes Afoot?: I spotted an email from Kaseya informing customers that "the salesperson who has traditionally been assigned to your account may have recently changed as a result of trying to align our people more appropriately." It's part of an "improved customer service" push at Kaseya, the company asserted, but I'm wondering if the changes mean something more... Checking...

2. Done Deals: MSPmentor has spotted several more M&A deals in the managed services market. Details hopefully coming the week of February 13.

1. That MSPmentor 100 report: It will debut during a webcast on February 15. All attendees will receive a 22-page PDF with in-depth details about the world's top managed services providers and global trends in managed services. I hope you'll join us.

That's all for now. Thanks so much for reading MSPmentor.




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