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Red Hat Shoots to Solve Container Storage with Gluster and OpenShift

Red Hat is the newest organization to take a stab at the persistent storage challenge for containers. Last month, the open source giant announced a new Gluster-based storage option for OpenShift, the company's open source platform for running containerized apps.

Jane Circle presents on public cloud at last year39s Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Revamps Cloud Certification Program

Red Hat today announced that it is replacing its existing Certified Cloud Provider Program with a new global program that is being more broadly applied to a much larger group of partners.

Red Hat Extends OpenStack Ecosystem

At the Red Hat 2015 Summit this week Red Hat (RHT) extended the reach and scope of its OpenStack ecosystem via alliances with third-party vendors that should have a significant impact on its relationships all across the channel.

Red Hat Flexes Private Cloud Muscles

At the OpenStack 2015 Summit this week Red Hat (RHT) announced it is bringing together various elements of its portfolio to create a suite of software that makes it simpler to build a private cloud.

Gluster Lead Speaks on Open Source Scale-Out Storage and OpenStack

The buzz in the open source world last week centered around OpenStack, the cloud computing operating system. But OpenStack depends on many other pieces to run, one of which is scale-out storage from platforms such as Red Hat's (RHT) GlusterFS.

Friday's Last Word: Docker CEO Ben Golub

Friday’s Last Word: Docker CEO Ben Golub sat down with Talkin’ Cloud to help us understand who he is away from the office. Here are the details.

Red Hat Acquires Inktank for Open Source Distributed Storage

Red Hat (RHT) seems to have cornered the market for open source distributed software-defined storage systems. This week, the company announced that it will acquire Inktank, the company behind Ceph—the major open source alternative to GlusterFS, which Red Hat already owns.

Inktank Ceph Storage System Adds Red Hat Certification

Ceph, the open source, software-defined storage system for Big Data and the cloud that at first made strong inroads in the Ubuntu Linux ecosystem, has solidified its place in the Red Hat (RHT) world as well.  That news comes as part of the release this week of Inktank Ceph Enterprise version 1.1, which is certified for Red Hat platforms, according to parent company Inktank.

Ceph and Gluster Software-Defined Storage: Poised for Greatness?

Software-defined networking (SDN) is already poised to be a major trend in 2014. But software-defined strorage, a similar technology, may join it, if the explosive growth of open source storage platforms Ceph and GlusterFS over the last year is any indication.