Enterprise Security Considerations When Deploying Microsoft Copilot

This webinar will prepare you to discuss with customers the cybersecurity ramifications of deploying Microsoft Copilot, the AI assistant.

May 7, 2024

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Webinar: Enterprise Security Considerations When Deploying Microsoft Copilot

Date: Jun 18, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

There are a few rudimentary reservations to keep at the front of one's mind when deploying Microsoft Copilot AI. Plenty can go awry during implementation of the tool in an enterprise or business backdrop.

For instance, there's the potential for phishing attacks. Plenty more security vulnerabilities exist for any organization leveraging such advanced tools. Those include avoidable employee hacking because that worker has the wrong data clearances. Not to mention that Copilot is only as sound as the data you feed it, so if the data you provide Copilot is public, that could lead to hallucinations, or merely supplying parties with wrong answers. That might result in situations like the kind Air Canada finds itself in today. It's now on the hook financially for a website chatbot error that misled a passenger.

There is plenty more to probe around Microsoft Copilot security, which we will undertake in this Channel Futures webinar sponsored by OpenText Cybersecurity.

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