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IT Security Stories to Watch: Carbanak Malware, Anthem Breach Updates

Kaspersky Lab this week released details about Carbanak, malware that hackers have used to steal millions of dollars from up to 100 banks worldwide. And as a result, Carbanak topped this week’s list of IT security newsmakers, followed by Anthem, Gemalto and Microsoft (MSFT). Here’s a closer look at the IT security stories to watch for the week of Feb. 16.

Mobile Internet Firms Land $19.2 Billion in Funding in Last Year

One surefire way for channel partners to stay ahead of the curve on market opportunities is to follow the money—the investment money, that is. In the last 12 months, some $19.2 billion in funding has been funneled to mobile Internet companies, according to investment advisers Digi-Capital, which tracks such things.

Wearables are Coming: Are You Ready?

We saw it with mobile phones. We saw it with tablets. We will see it with wearable devices. Consumers are driving enterprise technology adoption and forcing the business world to adapt to their way of technology preference and the wearable market is next.

How Low Can PC Shipments Go?

Worldwide PC shipments continue their freefall, but the decline is speeding up every month. Thanks to the massive consumer and business demand for smartphones and tablets, PC sales are declining at a faster rate than any of the leading research firms expected.