SaaS Meets Small Business Finance

Many managed service providers and VARs struggle with day-to-day cash management, customer invoicing and bill payments. I can't endorse a particular solution to these challenges, but a software as a service (SaaS) outfit called caught my eye earlier today. claims its service can automate bill payment, e-invoicing and collections, and help to improve cash flow management. But what really impressed me is's viral marketing strategy -- which managed service providers can certainly emulate on their own. Here's how.

First, consider how describes itself:

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., is an online bill management service that simplifies and automates business finances. allows companies to pay, receive and send bills with the click of a mouse, saving substantial time so companies can focus on growing their businesses. Companies can store all documents, related processes and transactions in one place, so financial stuff can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere, any time. is the first and only low-cost bill management service that gives companies a real-time daily view of anticipated cash flow while simultaneously processing transactions. For more information visit or watch the Video.
Now, look at the company's concise mission statement:
To be the simplest way businesses do their everyday financial stuff.
Did you notice that the descriptions contain absolutely no technology jargon? Instead, they are written in everyday terms that describe the business value of And describes why its service is unique, using words like "first" and "only."

The key takeaway for MSPs: Your certifications and technology partners are certainly important. But when you describe your company, lead the conversation with the top three or four business benefits you offer to your customers.

Next, check out's viral marketing strategy and online video:

Notice that the video is stored on YouTube rather than hidden somewhere on's Web site. This approach allows third-party sites (like MSPmentor) to easily link out to the video. It also vastly improves's search engine optimization.

I'm not suggesting that small MSPs can afford to produce an animated marketing video. However, you can afford to use low-cost tools like the Flip video camera to interview customers and post those endorsements on YouTube.

Frankly, almost sounds too good to be true. But the company's clear marketing statements will surely prompt thousands of small business owners to give the SaaS financial service a look.
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