As Windows 8 Approaches, Top MSP Still Sees Windows 7 Opportunities

Long View Systems, one of North America's top MSPs moving into cloud computing, also continues to focus on the traditional software market. The MSP is working with 1E, an IT efficiency company, to promote Windows 7 uptake in the business community.

The companies have announced a new distribution and services relationship, which will simplify Windows 7 deployments and provide significant cost and time savings. Together, 1E and Long View "have a powerful range of solutions that can help their joint customers reduce the risks and cost of an OS deployment."

Most Microsoft watchers are focused on Windows 8, a major upgrade that's expected to debut in late 2012. But Microsoft itself has been calling on channel partners to remain focused on Windows 7 desktop and mobile sales. The company points to UltraBooks as a key Windows 7 mobile opportunity.

Long View Systems is not a traditional VAR. The company is better known as an MSP that has also launched cloud and virtualization services for its customers across North America.

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