Vendors Pursue MSPmentor 100 Companies

Forgive me for blowing MSPmentor's own horn. But I've noticed a range of vendors now marketing their IT solutions directly to our MSPmentor 100 companies.

The MSPmentor 100 is an annual survey and research report that identifies the world's 100 most progressive managed service providers. In recent months, both Nimsoft and TeleHOUSE America have actively pursued -- and won -- business using the MSPmentor 100 list. Here's how.

In a September 27 blog entry, Nimsoft CEO Gary Read wrote:

Anyone checked out the MSPmentor list of top 100 MSPs
Guess what? We have signed 2 of the top 10 MSPs on that list as brand new customers in the last few weeks. In both cases we replaced other solutions. More info later as we get permission to reference their names.
Meanwhile, Vincent Corley, a marketing manager at TeleHOUSE America (which recently launched a managed services site), sent me an email on September 25, stating:
We have also made waves towards securing several partners for Managed Services, using the [MSPmentor 100] list as our primary resource, and are working on building mutually  beneficial partnerships w/ DoItSmarter, Technology on Premises, SecuSolutions,  Delta Computer Group, and Integralis.
Do IT Smarter (ranked No. 9) and Technology on Premises (No. 18) both landed on last year's MSPmentor 100 list. You can see last year's entire list and participate in this year's survey by visiting our MSPmentor 100 center.

I'm happy to see the managed services industry leveraging our MSPmentor 100 list to network with one another. I'll get off my soapbox now, so that you all can keep networking.

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