Trend Micro Tackles BYOD with Mobile Security 8.0

Trend Micro, a company that specializes in cloud security, recently released its Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS) 8.0 -- a solution designed to help companies manage the  growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Trend Micro bases its solution on the idea that customers are to be provided with the tools to enforce corporate security policies while still allowing employees to use their own devices at work. To support this philosophy, TMMS 8.0 revolves around four features: Mobile Device Security, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, and Mobile Device Protection.

TMMS 8.0's Mobile Device Security provides businesses with protection from the most recent security threats and enforces data protection policies. To manage a variety of mobile devices, Trend Micro's most recent solution provides an MDM feature that enables the business to manage devices from a single management console.

The company's Mobile Application Management feature, on the other hand, provides businesses with the control of which apps may be installed on devices, as well as provide businesses with the ability to force corporate apps on individual devices. Mobile Device Protection assists businesses with mobile devices that are lost or stolen. If this occurs, this feature has the ability to remote lock and remote wipe the device.

TMMS 8.0 is available in English, followed by French, German and Japanese languages later in the summer. Pricing is on a per user basis, rather than per device.

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