MSPmentor 100 And Regional Managed Services Provider Lists

MSPmentor 100 And Regional Managed Services Provider Lists

I've been heads-down replying to email about our latest MSPmentor 100 report, which tracks the world's top 100 managed services providers (MSPs). My email load has been extra heavy because we also published the MSPmentor 200 North America Edition, the MSPmentor 50 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Edition, and the MSPmentor 25 AANZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) Edition. So where can you find all those lists? Right here. And what's next from MSPmentor?

Actually, we've got our hands full working on our second-annual Talkin' Cloud 50 survey -- which will rank the world's top cloud services providers, cloud aggregators, cloud brokers, VARs and MSPs working in the cloud. That survey focuses heavily on cloud services revenues -- sorry, no remote monitoring or MSP-centric revenues. The survey also welcomes public cloud and private cloud project revenues.

Back in MSP land, MSPmentor still needs to honor up-and-coming MSPs from Central and South America. We'll do so in the next few days. A special thanks to MSPs from those regions who completed our MSPmentor 100 survey and joined our readership in recent months. We value your time and we'll put the spotlight on your businesses in the next few days.

Next, watch for the MSPmentor 250 survey to start in April. That one tracks the world's top managed services executives, entrepreneurs and experts. And this year -- as we hinted in 2011 -- we're locking a few industry luminaries in the NOC and keeping 'em off the list so that some fresh faces can surface. Stay tuned.

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