Mobile Trends 2012: Forrester Research Revisits Predictions

Have you reviewed mobile trends predictions from the previous year? Thomas Husson, principal analyst at Forrester Research, revisited his mobile trends predictions for 2012. We'll review the key trends highlighted last year to assist managed services providers (MSPs) with developing a competitive mobile device management (MDM) strategy for 2013. MSPs can learn from Husson's predictions by tackling scalable approaches to delivering mobile services, narrowing strategies by devices, and providing relevant mobile content.

Husson and his colleague, Julie Ask, put together the 2012 Mobile Trends post over a year ago and predicted mobile trends for 2012. A year later, they reported that the industry passed three key milestones: "more than 1 million apps available, more than 100 million tablets and more than 1 billion smartphones in consumers’ pockets." Husson reviewed the following predictions:

  • Develop a scalable approach to delivering mobile services -- According to Husson in his blog, organizations took a more strategic approach to building and spreading institutional knowledge, as well as governance for the development of mobile services. Yet many organizations still do not coordinate efforts between various departments. Organizations should tackle this issue aggressively in 2013.
  • Craft a mobile strategy that expands beyond phones -- Are you still putting smartphones and tablets into the same mobile strategy? Husson said that you shouldn't. "Most players still lump smartphones and tablets into the same “mobile” bucket without understanding the differences in the context of use," Husson said. "Only the most advanced players differentiated their tablet strategies." Narrow your mobile strategies down into smaller groups.
  • Differentiate on the delivery rather than the content of mobile services -- More emphasis on customer experience and design occurred in 2012, but Husson was not impressed. "This trend did not really take place since many players either delivered a poor experience or are still not offering relevant mobile content."
The above predictions came to pass, but not as quickly as Husson and Ask anticipated. "It seems that many companies still need to fix the basics when it comes to integrating consumer mobility as part of the corporate strategy," Husson said. Which predictions did you make in 2012 that came true?
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