Meet Your Number One Rival

Who's your top rival? Dell Silverback? A local managed service provider? Actually, it's somebody you know far better. Here's how to compete with them -- and beat them in the market.

To succeed as an MSP you need to compete head-on against ... yourself, asserts J. Michael Drake, chairman and CEO of masterIT -- a managed service provider ranked No. 6 on our annual MSPmentor 100 list.

So, how do you compete against yourself? The shortest answer, notes Drake, is to measure everything. For example: Use quarterly surveys to determine customer satisfaction with your services. And then try to improve upon those results every quarter.

In one recent survey, 65 percent of customers rated masterIT's services as "good" and 35 percent of customers rated masterIT as "great." Drake's goal is to push the "great" rating higher, basically taking his company from good to great.

What else can you measure? Aside from the top-line stats (like year-over-year revenue growth), consider variables like:

  • Revenue per employee
  • Revenue per managed device
  • Helpdesk response times
  • Problem-to-resolution times
  • Customer uptime
What other stats are you using to measure your success -- and improve upon that success?
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