Meet the World's Top Managed Services Experts: The MSPmentor 250

After five months of work, this week we're unveiling the MSPmentor 250 -- a list of the top executives, entrepreneurs and experts from across the global managed services ecosystem. The list also has a healthy helping of Software as a Service (SaaS) experts. Take a look.

The MSPmentor 250 list and accompanying report will debut incrementally this week -- with 50 new names arriving each day, and the complete MSPmentor 250 report (in PDF format) surfacing on Friday, August 1. I apologize for unveiling the list incrementally, but our heavier-than-usual travel schedule forced us to tackle this online project in chapters.

We hope you consider the MSPmentor 250 a global Rolodex of sorts. It's designed to help you find MSP and SaaS experts with a range of competencies (business, technology, sales, marketing, PR, etc.). The list also features experts representing emerging companies and massive Global 2000 organizations.

Please take a few minutes to visit our MSPmentor 250 Center, where you can read how we put together the report. Once you have a feel for how and why we pursued this project, feel free to dive into the list.

Of course, we welcome your feedback and constructive criticism. No doubt you know a few experts who didn't land on the list. Who are they? And what makes them so smart? Bring them to our attention and we'll keep them in mind for next year's survey and resulting MSPmentor 250.

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