ihiji Offers Network Management as a Service to MSPs

Network management platform provider ihiji is taking its technology to IT solution providers, offering a network management as a service (NMaaS) offering, currently as a private beta The new platform builds on the company’s remote monitoring and management product, ihiji invision, providing alerts on equipment status, enabling remote installations, and reducing the time needed to troubleshoot and fix issues with network-connected devices.

Here’s how it works. MSPs set up a single ihiji appliance at each client location. Then the solution provider can perform all configuration and management remotely using the tools on the ihiji portal. No need for a VPN.

Once it’s set up, the appliance sends back information about the systems' health to the MSP in real time. MSPs can use the analytics to help identify the cause of an issue and resolve it remotely.

ihiji is positioning the service as ideal for IT organizations with many remote branch locations but without the resources for a traditional server-based remote monitoring and management tool.

Michael Maniscalco, VP of technical operations at Austin, Texas-based ihiji says that RMM solutions can be much more complicated than what’s needed by a small business or branch location. This solution offers a simpler alternative, he says.

Information about the private beta is available here.

But the main question? How do you pronounce that name? We have it on good authority that its eye-he-jee.


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