ConnectWise CloudConsole to Support Microsoft Azure

ConnectWise CloudConsole to Support Microsoft Azure

The maker of toolsets for technology solution providers ups its commitment to facilitating cloud services.

ConnectWise today announced that its CloudConsole monitoring and management tool is being expanded to provide full support for Microsoft Azure.

More than 300 partner companies already manage more than one million Microsoft Office 365 seats through CloudConsole, according to Craig Fulton, general manager for ConnectWise Business Suite.

“The next logical step is to give them the capacity to also manage all their customers’ Microsoft Azure resources – including virtual machines, websites, SQL databases, and storage – directly from ConnectWise via a single pane of glass,” he said in a statement.

CloudConsole, part of the ConnectWise Business Suite, is designed to streamline management, monitoring and billing of cloud services.

“By working together with Microsoft, we’ve been able to add the functionality our partners need to increase their efficiency and better support their customers who are taking advantage of Microsoft Azure,” Fulton said.

The ConnectWise technology includes a console for monitoring the status of Azure services; automated billing for cloud services; and faster, more secure support.

“More and more businesses of all sizes are relying on the cloud,” said Jon Strausburg, identified as cloud sales director for U.S. SMB&D at Microsoft. “The latest data shows that more than 120,000 new customers are adding Azure cloud services each month.”

“It’s important for our Azure users to have a delightful, trouble-free experience,” he continued. “ConnectWise’s CloudConsole helps deliver an optimal Azure experience.”


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