CompTIA Partners With ITA on TechVoice Initiative

The Illinois Technology Association, an organization that provides programs and services focused on development, visibility, and talent attraction announced that it is working closely with CompTIA -- an IT industry organization -- on TechVoice. TechVoice is a partnership of  CompTIA, and the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) that is designed to be a voice for the IT community, offering timely information about state and federal IT legislation.

The partnership will focus mostly on the development of the Illinois technology ecosystem by working to impact legislative and regulatory issues that are most important. In addition, the ITA and TechVoice share a networking vision. By developing a series of networking events and chapter meetings, both organizations hope to bring business leaders together with policymakers, to develop a local network for companies to address the ongoing tech policy agenda.

To assist thousands of small and medium sized tech companies that lack representation in Washington, D.C., and at the state and local level, CompTIA launched TechVoice to provide them with a "voice." TechVoice's mission is dedicated to the grassroots tech community to aid in regulatory issues important to growth, innovation, and job creation.

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