CompTIA Advocates for Parity for Women Business Owners

Take a look at the owners of many small technology businesses and chances are they are men, not women. In an effort to increase the number of opportunities for women-owned small businesses, The Women's Procurement Improvement Act of 2012, has been introduced in Congress.

That's good news and it follows CompTIA's move earlier this month when the organization asked Congress to support increased small business access to federal contracting dollars.

A separate initiative, The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program, sets aside five percent of federal prime and subcontracts for women-owned small businesses (WOSB). Federal agencies can use this program only when the officer who is contracting has a reasonable expectation that there will be offers from two or more women-owned small businesses. This provision acts as a roadblock to increasing to increasing women-owned small business access to federal contracts, since women are underrepresented in the technology field.

CompTIA has weighed in against this provision. The organization's representatives believe it is a roadblock to those women-owned small businesses that provide goods and services in a field, such as technology, where women are underrepresented. Restrictions should be lifted, not applied.

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