Android, iOS Devices Get Mobile App Security from Bitzer

Bitzer Mobile Inc., an enterprise mobility solution provider, is offering a new method to assist IT departments keep their networks protected from rogue apps. The solution is designed to secure native mobile apps on employees's Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

Bitzer's approach comes as a new feature in the Bitzer Enterprise Application Mobility (BEAM) 2.2 for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. The company says that the feature allows employees to access work apps while being away from work. "The real value of enterprise mobility lies in end users being able to use work apps while they are away from the office," says Bitzer Mobile President and CEO Naeem Zafar. "While other solutions create silos around each individual app, our approach allows trusted business apps to share information and work together just like you were at your desk."

The new approach includes several features:

  • Apps share authentication and single sign-on (SS0),
  • Organizations can alter policies in real time without re-wrapping and re-distributing each app,
  • Security is injected into the apps without changing a single line of code,
  • Works for both internal and third party apps.
For more information on the Bitzer, please visit the company's website.
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