Absolute Software Adds Windows Phone 7 Support

Absolute Software Corp. has added support for Windows Phone 7 to its Absolute Manage 6.0.3 platform, available today. This rounds out the company's support for mobile operating systems, which previously included  PCs, Macs, iOS and Android and other Windows Phone operating systems. Now all these operating systems can be managed from a single platform. Absolute, known for its firmware-embedded endpoint security and management, announced the new version this week.

Absolute Manage provides customers with the ability to manage and secure all of their Mac, PC, Android, iOS and Window devices from a single console. The platform provides IT administrators with the ability to wirelessly configure devices, provision apps, query policies, track and reduce roaming charges, wipe data or lock the device and securely distribute documents to mobile to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

That's the cure to a lot of headaches that MSPs have been experiencing. MSPs have said that the inability to configure devices, secure them and  track usage costs have thwarted proper management of them. This kind of management tool and the functions it provides should answer the concerns of many MSPs whose customers have been asking for more control over mobile devices.

The growth of consumer devices has become a thorn in the side of many organizations. Absolute Software Corp. says that Absolute Manage is the solution.

According to Peter Frankl, VP, Lifecycle Management at Absolute, Absolute Manage provides a cost-effective solution for the device security and management needs of customers. Frankl also believes that Absolute Manage provides customers with control, for both devices on the corporate network and those over the internet.

Additional insights added by Jessica Davis

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