7 Managed Services Surprises In MSPmentor 100 Survey Results

7 Managed Services Surprises In MSPmentor 100 Survey Results

The fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey closes this Friday, Dec. 23. Survey participants could wind up on our Global MSPmentor 100 list or on regional lists that honor MSPs across multiple continents. I've been looking at the preliminary survey data and here are the top seven surprises so far from the MSPmentor 100 survey participants.

1. Hello Again, Microsoft: Some vocal MSPs have complained about Microsoft's channel partner program for the Office 365 cloud suite, which doesn't allow partners to set pricing or manage end-customer billing. Despite those concerns, more than 40 percent of survey participants say they're involved with Microsoft Office 365.

2. Networking Up: Roughly 83 percent of MSPmentor 100 survey participants are involved in MSP-oriented organizations, associations and peer groups -- led by ConnectWise User Groups (39.7 percent), CompTIA (33.7 percent) and the MSPAlliance (31.3 percent). Figures exceed 100 percent because some MSPs belong to multiple groups.

3. Monthly Recurring Revenues: Some surprises here... but it's too soon to disclose the final analysis. Bottom line: Top MSPs -- from all regions -- did healthy business in 2011.

4. Global Reach: Twenty-five percent of survey participants were from outside North America. MSPmentor has deep-dive information on EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and AANZ (Asia, Australia and New Zealand). So you'll see a boatload of info about those regions when the MSPmentor 100 report debuts in February. But we're still a bit light on Central and South America participation. In particular, we'd love to hear from more MSPs in Brazil before the survey ends on Dec. 23.

5. Business Automation: More than 80 percent of survey participants are using PSA (professional services automation) software and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software to more closely track customer engagements, trouble tickets, customer equipment and more.

6. Gone Vertical: Nearly 65 percent of survey participants have a vertical market focus, led by health care (42.1 percent), legal (37.1 percent) and banking/financial services (32.1 percent).

7. Cloud Ain't Killing MSPs: Too much data for me to share here. But I think we've got proof/evidence that MSPs are successfully profiting from the cloud, where appropriate, instead of worrying about the cloud.

Thanks to those who've completed the MSPmentor 100 survey. It remains open to all MSPs worldwide until 11:59 p.m. ET/8:59 p.m. PT on Friday, December 23. Complete results and honorees will be revealed in February.


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