Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Write: Dec. 31

Site upgrades. Software debugging. Santa. It's been an intense week of fun and play at MSPmentor. Here's a look at the seven managed services blog entries we didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Dec. 31, 2009:

7. First Quarter 2010 Events: Where are you heading January, February and March? I've nearly finalized my travel schedule. Let me know what shows/events you plan to attend. I'd welcome the opportunity to connect.

6. Gone (But Not Forgotten): Some 11th hour resignations from MSP software companies. I'll see if the career-changers want to talk about their moves next week.

5. Hello, Amazon Kindle: During the holidays, Amazon sold more electronic books than paper books for the first time. Apparently, the Kindle ebook reader is a hit. We've jumped on the bandwagon: Both MSPmentor and The VAR Guy are now available on the Kindle.

4. SaaS Stocks Rally: I still have to update our SaaS 20 Stock Index to reflect the Dec. 31 market close. But it was a huge year for many SaaS stocks -- up 55 percent or more -- according to our preliminary index results. But let's keep things in perspective. SaaS Stocks dove roughly 50 percent in 2008 during the global economic crisis. Nobody's immune to financial panic...

3. Growing the MSP Market?: The Utility Company launched a Franchise Area Developer Program for entrepreneurs to "develop larger markets in North America and to initiate international expansion." I'll check in for more details next week.

2. Clouds Still Coming?: 2009 was a year of cloud promises from multiple software companies. Kaseya and Zenith Infotech come to mind. Will they finally deliver in early 2010? MSPmentor will be watching.

1. Exit, Stage Left: Instead of celebrating the New Year here with you, I've decided to sneak away and spend a few days in the mountains with my family. Send me a Tweet if there's anything urgent going on in the managed services industry or if you just want to say hi. Otherwise, I look forward to reconnecting with you on Jan. 4.

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