Managed Service Providers Will Be Hiring In 2009

Managed Service Providers Will Be Hiring In 2009

Managed Services Help WantedDespite the recession, the vast majority of managed service providers say they plan to create new staff positions and fill them in the first quarter of 2009, according to MSPmentor's latest weekly readership poll.

Here's a quick look at the poll, the results and some perspectives from MSPmentor.

We asked readers: What are your staffing plans for 1Q 2009?

  • A) Creating new positions and filling them (65% chose this answer)
  • B) Filling existing positions (5%)
  • C) We will have a hiring freeze (15%)
  • D) Eliminating positions (15%)
The poll, launched Dec. 8, was answered by 107 MSPmentor site visitors. Although it's not a scientific poll, we were surprised to see such an optimistic outlook on hiring for Q1 2009.

MSPs: Hiring or Firing?

In recent weeks, we've received dozens of emails and phone calls from out-of-work IT professionals who are looking for jobs in the managed services sector. Many of those calls were from folks who have left MSP- or SaaS-oriented companies. Our initial conclusion: Even MSPs and software as a service companies are cutting a few positions during the recession.

But the poll results suggest MSP hiring remains relatively strong. If you're seeking a career in managed services, check out MSPmentor's Career Center, which features a rudimentary job board ( We'll be enhancing the free job board in a few weeks.

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