Hiring Top Technicians on a Budget

Hiring Top Technicians on a Budget

You've drawn up your 2013 business plan, you've decided on your head count, and now you are either ready to recruit new workers or to build a new pile of resumes of potential candidates as a backup just in case.  After you post your openings on MSPmentor's job board, what do you do next? But how do you attract top talent in a competitive marketplace when money is tight? What are some of the cultural benefits that make a top job candidate choose one company or another?

A recent article in Inc. addressed just this very question and drew on the experience of Silicon Valley companies hiring technology talent. Here's a roundup of  tactics your company can use to attract technology rock stars even if you don't have a rock star budget.

Appeal to their Need for A Higher Purpose

Experts say you shouldn't just pitch a job. Instead you should offer potential employees a narrative about how their contributions will matter, not just to the company's success but to the greater good of the industry, the country or the universe. Make sure these potential hires feel inspired about your company's mission and how they could help impact the world by joining.

Offer them a Membership in a Club of Other Talented People: Your Staff

Who you work with is often as important as the projects you are working on, according to Inc.  A culture that values innovation and fun can attract top employees. Genius attracts genius, one expert tells Inc. So let your potential employee know about the culture of their colleagues. Recruit a member of a team, and not just an individual contributor.

Cut the Cr*p

Inc. calls this "A B.S.-Free Worksplace." Don't underestimate its importance. If individual contributors have to jump through hoops to get things done, they will balk. Politics and bureaucracy are the enemies of keeping top technical talent happy. Remove the frustrating obstacles that could be inhibiting their productivity. Show them that you value their time and intelligence.
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