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MSP Partners: What You Need to Know

Solution providers have a lot to gain from adopting managed services. Less appreciated is the fact that vendors have a lot at stake, too. Increasingly they realize that adoption of managed services by their channel partners is not only a winning strategy, but an essential strategy for long term success in the SMB market.

MSP Partners represents a common voice for vendors that understand the importance of managed services and want to do their part to contribute to the growth of the business model and demonstrate their leadership and commitment to this business transformation.

So, who are the folks behind MSP Partners? And what are the goals for MSP Partners? Here are some answers.

MSP Partners was founded by Cisco, Intel, Ingram Micro, Level Platforms and Microsoft to promote Managed Services growth and adoption as a business model. More than 20 organizations that share these goals are participating as sponsors. They believe that not only is Managed Services a more effective business model for both the Solution Provider and the SMBs they service, but that it is a good business model for vendors too as they understand that the MSP model delivers higher customer satisfaction, less margin pressure with a shift from emphasis on cost to quality, and ultimately more product sales.

MSP Partners provides a significant base of exclusive research and educational resources funded by the sponsoring vendors to which the vendor community adds their collective resources and expertise. This rich and dynamic pool of resources is available to solution providers through our website,

When a solution provider or established MSP joins MSP Partners, they get access to first-rate research, education and tools from leading industry thought leaders at a very low annual membership price.

For example, MSP Partners offers an IPED best-in-class comparison tool that performs an in depth analysis of a Solution Providers business, and provides a comparison with 2008 best-in-class MSPs.

This tool would ordinarily cost $495, but is available to members through MSP Partners for just $49. By offering these resources, MSP Partners helps solution providers stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing market for Managed Services.

Jim Hamilton is executive director of MSP Partners. Guest blog entries such as this one are contributed on a monthly basis as part of’s Platinum sponsorship.

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