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Managed Services Providers: Can You Manage SMB Virtualization?

Managed Services Providers: Can You Manage SMB Virtualization?

In today’s changing IT landscape, the need for service providers to differentiate offerings from their peers is now more important and competitive than ever. Further, the average SMB’s network is becoming more and more sophisticated due in large part to the rapid adoption rates of migrating to cloud and virtual environments.  We have noticed that one of the current significant trends in networking right now appears to be infrastructure virtualization and its impact on networking. Here's why.

Many, if not most, organizations have virtualized at least some hardware to achieve significant cost savings. This is especially true in the SMB space as those organizations are moving away from local IT assets and more frequently leveraging the cloud. For VARs and MSPs, the ability to manage virtual infrastructure (whether local or off-premise in the cloud) and network traffic between environments is clearly very important.  As a result of the changing times, managed service providers also carry added responsibilities in terms of executing effective services to assist in the growing needs of their customers.

Some of the daunting challenges that face IT service providers today include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding the time to create complex service offerings
  • Keeping up with the competition
  • Differentiating services
  • Finding the “sweet spot” pricing model
  • Being able to demonstrate value
Despite the fact that many MSPs have made investments in third-party technology to install in end user environments, while this is an acceptable revenue generator, many are missing out on an opportunity to layer services on top of the technology.  One specific recommendation revolves around offering clients around-the-clock network monitoring  as a  value added service that will deliver clients peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their business without worrying about their IT environment.  This new concept offering, from PacketTrap MSP titled “The Availability Heartbeat Solution,” was conceptualized to outline a value added service model that MSPs could offer to clients.  Sell the value proposition along with the technology.

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