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Dilbert... And the Path to MSP Productivity and Customer Service

Dilbert... And the Path to MSP Productivity and Customer Service

We’ve all seen a Dilbert cartoon where the pointy-haired boss orders Dibert or Wally or Alice to, “Work smarter, not harder.”  And we’ve probably heard this phrase muttered around the office more often since the economy has stuttered, and companies have cut back and tried to do more work with fewer people – or, in the case of MSPs, with fewer truck rolls. When you figure in the high cost of gasoline, the time a tech spends driving (and not working), and the number of clients a single technician or engineer can manage, it’s obvious that fewer truck rolls can make a big difference in productivity and your bottom line.

That’s great, you say, but my client base is spread out all over the city (or the state, or the county), I can’t exactly reduce truck rolls or hardware repair times.  But in my experience working with MSPs in the Intel channel, I actually see more and more MSPs who have found ways to do just that, and improve overall productivity while also increasing client satisfaction.

One thing that stands out about these MSPs is their focus on streamlining processes. I know that streamlining processes probably sounds like just another phrase for “working smarter,” but the MSPs I have had the chance to talk to say that by improving their technicians’ ability to multi-task – for instance, by using remote monitoring capabilities to run antivirus on one system, diagnose a second, and reload an OS on a third at the same time – they can not only get more work done more quickly, they can also manage more PCs per technician.  Especially because these guys are working remotely.  As one sales manager said to me, “We can’t make any money while a technician is sitting in a vehicle.”

But I already have a management console that lets me do things remotely, you say.  That means you’re well on your way to increasing efficiency and improving productivity.  Leading MSPs in the Intel channel are using various management consoles by Kaseya, Level Platforms, N-able, and many others along with Intel vPro technology in laptop and desktop PCs to significantly streamline a number of key PC management tasks.

PCs with Intel vPro technology have increased abilities to monitor, manage, and repair PCs remotely —regardless of power state or operating system health—that greatly reduce maintenance and management costs and increase the utilization of your personnel.  MSPs in real-world settings are reducing hardware repair times by 40-90% and reducing deskside visits by up to 60%. This all means fewer truck rolls, better customer service, and an improved bottom line, and is a prime example of how leading MSPs are truly working smarter.

Eric Townsend is Director of MSP and SMB Marketing for Intel Corporation. You can contact Eric at [email protected]. Monthly guest blog posts like this one are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of Townsend's guest blogs here.

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